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Veni Schedule your dinner meals


Veni We deliver from restaurants to you for free between 6-8 PM


Veni Enjoy your fresh and delicious meals
You can update or cancel your orders at any time.

Save Money

Save $200+ every month! We help you save up to 40% over services like DoorDash or UberEats.

Satisfy Taste

Cater to your taste with delicious restaurant meals! We add new restaurants weekly based on what our customers enjoy.

Save Time

No cooking, preparation, or cleaning! Get your favorite meals delivered to your schedule and save 37+ hours every month.

Support Local

You can join our customers in supporting local restaurants! We establish truly beneficial partnerships with local restaurants.
No commitment. No hidden fees.


Jerome said

The deliverer was polite and professional, there is a good choice of meals and I really enjoyed the convenience of scheduling

Ricardo said

At first it sounded too good to be true, now I can't wait for when they start delivering during lunchtime

Helena said

Every day my husband asks if Veni is coming! We order different dishes every time and are looking forward to them adding more local restaurants

Schedule now, pay only on delivery day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Veni is an affordable and convenient solution for regularly delivered restaurant meals. Our customers pay 40% less, our restaurant partners earn more, and our drivers get proper wages and benefits. We aim to solve the everyday food problems of busy students and professionals. By operating efficiently and fairly we aim to provide affordable meals to our customers and offer beneficial deals to local restaurants.
By batching orders and optimizing deliveries we help restaurants operate more efficiently resulting in massive savings compared to other restaurant food delivery services. Through our optimized deliveries we also reduce pollution and help save our planet.
Currently, deliveries are made to Toronto Downtown, everything between Bathurst St and Jarvis St, Dupont St and Front St. If your area is not listed or you're not sure it is, feel free to place your order and we will confirm with you or make it work after asking with our drivers. You will not be charged if we are unable to deliver to your location.
We offer free delivery on all orders. We deliver on each weekday (Monday to Friday) between 6 PM to 8 PM. For your convenience live notifications regarding your delivery are made through SMS and we can call you upon arrival to deliver your order to you.
Nope. You can easily update or cancel your orders at any time before 11 AM on the day of delivery. Payments do not have to be made in advance and orders will only be charged on the day of delivery.
You can add as many dishes as you would like and from any number of restaurants into your schedulable cart. For same-day delivery, simply place your order before 11 AM and we deliver it to you between 6 PM to 8 PM.
You can easily change or cancel your order at any time. Just be sure to do so before 11 AM on the day of delivery for that order.
Delivery times are from 6 PM to 8 PM on the day that you choose. If you’re not home, don’t worry! You can always let us know about special delivery instructions by contacting support. You can also change your delivery day online before 11 AM.
We have a large and diverse selection of meal options from various local restaurants to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences. By using our informative tags you may easily choose dishes that suit your dietary needs. While we use best practices, we cannot guarantee the complete absence of food allergens. If you have any severe food allergies, we do not recommend Veni as an option for you.
Unlike most of our competitors, we ensure a beneficial partnership by optimizing operations and increasing cost-efficiency for our partnered restaurants. This leads to higher profit margins and increased revenues, not just in the current challenging times but for all of the forseeable future.
We strictly ensure our drivers wear PPE including a mask while making all deliveries. We employ stringent food handling standards as part of our core operations to protect against any viruses or transmission of sickness.
Our payment processing is managed by Stripe, one of the largest online payment processors. All credit card information is stored on their encrypted servers, which are compliant with strict security regulations. Stripe manages billions of dollars in online payments annually, and is our partner of choice to ensure the security of your payment information.
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